VP, I.T.

Jasmine Kaczmarek

Jasmine’s tech career has been marked by a series of remarkable achievements and rapid career advancement. Initially beginning her career with MR Williams as a contractor, Jasmine’s exceptional work led to a full-time role in August 2020 as full stack developer and project manager. Since then, Jasmine has seen several promotions, and today, serves as the Vice President of Information Technology at MR Williams.

Prior to her work with MR Williams, Jasmine was a tech lead in the Architecture team at Auto and General Insurance in Queensland, Australia, overseeing the design and implementation of the customer data API.

Jasmine actively contributes to the tech community. She’s a member of the CAAC (COMMON America’s Advisory Council), advising IBM. Additionally, she plays a vital role in mentoring newcomers to the IBMi platform as a committee member of the “New to IBMi” initiative.