Meet Scratch Made™ – Your turnkey commissary.


Compete with the best!

Your customers are hungry for fresh grab and go options like sandwiches, fruit cups, parfait cups, and baked goods. But building the infrastructure, staffing, regulatory, and more have traditionally priced fresh out of reach for all but the largest, most sophisticated retail operators.

That’s until now.

With Scratch Made, you too have a commissary!

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Take a closer look at Scratch Made™

We’ve brought together everything you need for a successful commissary program. Below is a closer look at some of the highlights of this comprehensive program.


Made from scratch the very morning of your delivery.


Same order and delivery through an existing partnership.


Better ingredients, never frozen, no preservatives or modified atmosphere.


Our program is more than just wedge sandwiches. It's fruit cups, parfaits, and fresh baked goods. But wait, there's more. We can get you setup with the right coolers for your stores and provide PoP to help the program take flight.


No program exists like this in our market. Retailers need more than just a kitchen to compete. A successful program includes menu planning, sourcing, staffing, food safety, assembly, packaging, and more. We've handled the hard part so all you have to do is merchandise and sell the product.


With Scratch Made, not only do you get the freshest, best tasting, and highest quality ingredients: You get a visually stunning lineup of products that will capture the interest of store visitors.

Launch Menu

We will continue to build on this menu and offer increasingly innovative offerings to match changing market trends.


  • Wedge – Ham / Cheese
  • Wedge – Turkey / Cheese
  • Wedge – PB&J
  • Wedge – Chicken Salad
  • Wedge – Pimento Cheese
  • Sandwich – BBQ ( chopped)
  • Sandwich – Chicken Filet
  • Sandwich – Cheeseburger
  • Sandwich – Roast Beef / Cheese on Ciabatta
  • Sandwich – Ham / Swiss on Marbled Rye
  • Sandwich – Club ( 3 meats ) / Cheese
  • Sub – Turkey Cheese
  • Sub – Club / Cheese
  • Sub – Italian
  • Croissant – Turkey / Cheese


  • Biscuit – Sausage
  • Biscuit – Sausage / Egg / Cheese
  • Biscuit – Bacon / Egg / Cheese
  • Biscuit – Chicken
  • Croissant – Turkey Sausage / Egg / Cheese


  • Parfait Cups – Yogurt w/ granola
  • Pudding Cup – Chocolate w/whipped topping
  • Pudding Cup – Vanilla w/ whipped topping
  • Pudding Cup – Banana w/ whipped topping and wafers
  • Fruit Cup – Grapes w/ cheese
  • Snack Cup- Pretzels w/ cheese

Baked Goods

  • Cookie – Chocolate Chip
  • Cookie – White Choc. Mac. nut
  • Cookie – Peanut Butter
  • Cookie – Oatmeal Raisin
  • Muffin – Banana Nut
  • Muffin – Blueberry
  • Muffin Choc. Chip


Scratch Made™ products are brought to you by WilFoods LLC a sister company of MR Williams.