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    Ice Breakers Sours Berry Mint

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    Van Holten’s Warheads Pouch

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    No Man’s Land Beef Jerky Cracked Black Pepper

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    Hostess Chocolate Baby Bundts

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    Alkaline 88 Water

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    KIND Energy Peanut Butter

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    KIND Breakfast Cereal Bars Peanut Butter

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    KIND Breakfast Protein Almond Butter

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    Chipoys Original

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    Hello Panda Strawberry

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    pH Alkaline Water

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    Trident Vibes Sour Patch Kids Watermelon

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    Nutella B-ready T2

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    Waiakea Aluminum Bottles

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    Country Archer Grass-Fed Jerky

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    Country Archer Fuego Footlong

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    Ooh La Lemin Lemonade

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    Jack Links Extra Thick Cut Pork Strips BBQ

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    Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers Fruit Punch

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    Goya Latin Roots Sweet Potatoes

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    Ricola Berry Medley Peg

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    Chex Mix Bar

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    Sour Patch Kids Strawberry Bag

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    Nerds Ropes

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    Fulfil Chocolate Hazelnut

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    Goya Plantain Chips

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    ONE Crunch

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    M&M’s Caramel Cold Brew

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    Jack Link’s Jalapeno Chicken Bites

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    AriZona Marvel LXR Hero Hydration

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    Trident Mega Bubblegum

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    Mentos Berry Gum w/ Vitamins

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    AriZona Mixed Lemonade Sour Fruit Snacks

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    RX Bars A.M.

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    Snak Club Hidden Valley Ranch Snacks

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    David Frank’s RedHot Jumbo Sunflower Seeds

Ice Breakers Sours Mints keep your breath fresh and fruity with a delicious combination of mixed berry, cherry, and strawberry mint flavors. Ideal as an on-the-go refreshment, these sugar-free mints are the perfect size for popping into your mouth so that you can keep your taste buds busy no matter where the day takes you. (GP: 41%, Guaranteed: Yes)

  • 086918 | Ice Breakers Sours Berry Mint, 8/1.5oz.


Available Sizes

1.5oz | SRP $1.82

Individually packaged pickled filled with tasty dill-flavored brine and a special dash of sour that only Warheads can bring. This caustic cuke raises the bar on ‘bitter’ without sacrificing flavor. (GP: 50%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 571364 | Van Holten’s Warheads Pickle, 12/each


Van Holten's
Available Sizes

Pouch | $1.99

Same classic flavor with an added kick of “Cracked Black Pepper”. Give your taste buds something they’ve been craving. (GP: 41%, Guaranteed: Yes)

  • 447698 | NML Black pepper Beef Jerky, 1/6oz.


No Man's Land
Available Sizes

6oz | SRP $24.79

These savory snack-sized bites of joy are made of moist chocolate cake, drizzled with chocolate icing, and are sure to become snack time’s greatest delight. (GP: 42%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 205815 | Hostess Chocolate Baby Bundt, 6/2.5oz.


Available Sizes

2.5oz | SPR $2.79

Enhance your hydration with the smooth, refreshing taste of Alkaline 88 purified, ionized water. A88 provides the smooth 8.8 pH hydration your body craves. Good for you. Good for the environment. Packed in BPA-free, PET #1 recyclable plastic bottles, caps, and labels. (GP: 40%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 390344 | Alkaline 88, 12/1 Ltr


Alkaline 88
Available Sizes

1 Liter | $2.09

Blended crunchy whole peanuts, creamy peanut butter, and 100% whole grains for a soft, chewy texture. (GP: 32%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 217885 | Kind Energy Peanut Butter, 6/1.55oz.



Available Sizes

1.55oz | SRP $1.79

Delight your taste buds with a delicious peanut butter taste in every bite! Topped with plant-based oat milk drizzle. For morning or any time. KIND Breakfast Cereal Bars are the perfectly convenient go-to. (GP: 32%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 216283 | KIND Breakfast Cereal Bar Peanut Butter, 6/1.55oz.



Available Sizes

1.55oz | SRP $1.39

Made with real almond butter, 20g of 100% whole grains, and 8g of complete protein, it’s the perfect part of an on-the-go breakfast. (GP: 32%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 217919 | Kind Breakfast Protein Almond Butter, 6/1.76oz


Available Sizes

1.76oz | SRP $1.39

Chioys uses the highest quality real corn ‘maiz’ for an authentic taste and premium ingredients to ensure the best-tasting rolled tortilla chips. Bursting with flavor in every bite, these unique rolled chips pack a crunch. (GP: 42%, Guaranteed:  Yes)

  • 201210 | Chipoys Original, 8/4oz


Available Sizes

4oz | SRP $2.29

Hello Panda is a fun, bite-size treat with a strawberry creme center and a crunchy shell. Each shell features drawings of cute pandas enjoying over 30 different sports activities. (GP: 36%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 198028 | Hello Panda Strawberry Creme, 1/7oz


Available Sizes

7oz | SRP $4.79

Perfect hydration Alkaline Water is purified through a 9-stage filtration process, supercharged to 9.5+ pH, then enhanced with electrolytes and minerals for a perfectly refreshing taste. (GP: 40%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 381285 | pH Alkaline Water, 12/1Ltr
  • 381301 | pH Alkaline Water, 1/Gal
  • 381319 | pH Alkaline Water, 1/24ct.


Available Sizes

20oz, 1 Ltr, 1 Gal

Trident Vibes SOUR PATCH KIDS Watermelon Gum packs all the fun of your favorite sour candy into a sugar-free gum that delivers a delicious, long-lasting chewing experience. (GP: 42%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 095778 | Trident Vibes SPK Watermelon, 6/40pc.




Available Sizes

40pc / SRP $5.19

Introducing Nutella B-ready, the only truly ready-to-enjoy Nutella experience, individually wrapped! Enjoy the unique Nutella taste in a crunchy wafer shell. (GP: 37%, Guaranteed: Yes)

  • 080010 | Nutella B-ready T2, 16/1.55oz.


Ferrero USA
Available Sizes

1.5oz / SRP $1.99,

The Hana Hou refillable aluminum bottle gives you the same delicious Waiakea in another sustainable packaging option. (GP: 39%, Guaranteed: Yes)

  • 390310 | Waiakea Hawaiian Water, 12/670mL
  • 390328 | Waiakea Sparkling Water, 12/670mL


Available Sizes

670mL / SRP $3.69

Real simple ingredients that are easy to understand and pronounce. Made with 10% grass-fed beef. Crafted delicious dry-aged: zero sugar beef jerky and zero-sugar meat. (GP: 41%, Gauranteed: Yes)

  • 440149 | Country ARcher Mango Habanero Jerky, 2.5oz
  • 440156 | Country Archer Hatch Chile Beef Jerky, 2.5oz


country Archer
Available Sizes

2.5oz / SRP $5.29

The way to measure the greatness of a Country Archer meat snack is, of course, by the Footlong. More meat, less bull. No junk. (GP: 41%, Guaranteed: Yes)

  • 440172 | Country ARcher Jerky Fuego Footlong Sticks, 18/1.8oz.


country Archer
Available Sizes

1.8oz / SRP $3.89

How do you get better than the best flavor or your childhood added to amazing lemonade? It’s a mouth-watering extravaganza. Take a swallow and hang on, this ride is about to get delicious. (GP: 34%, Guaranteed: yes)

  • 389007 | Ooh La Lemin Strawberry Lemonade, 12/16oz.
  • 389015 | Ooh La Lemin Blue Raspberry Lemonade, 12/16oz.
  • 389023 | Ooh La Lemin Original Lemonade, 12/16oz.
  • 389106 | Ooh La Lemin Sparkling Original, 12/12oz.
  • 389130 | Ooh La Lemin Sparkling Pineapple Mango, 12/12oz.
  • 389148 | Ooh La Lemin Sparkling Blue Raspberry, 12/12oz.



Kona Gold Beverage
Available Sizes

12oz & 16oz / SRP $2.19

BBQ year-round? That’s heaven. Every tender munch is as flavorfully satisfying as the last when snacking on these thick-cut pork strips. Jack Links premium pork is slow-smoked and barbecue seasoned in-house. In other words, it’s kind of like your favorite local BBQ joint, but in a bag. (GP: 41%, Guaranteed: Yes)

  • 453308 | JL BBQ Pork Thick Cut Steak STrip, 1/3oz.


Link's Snacks
Available Sizes

3oz / SRP $9.59

Trolli Fruit PUnch Sour Brite Crawlers are covered in tangy, sweet goodness and dusted with the perfect amount of sour sugar. Enjoy this new Trolli fruity flavor. (GP: 41%, Guaranteed: Yes)

  • 107813 | Trolli Fruit PUnch SBC, 1/5oz


Ferrara Candy
Available Sizes

5oz, SRP $2.39

Love the taste of sweet potato? Try these fantastic sweet potato chips, a delicious snack from the heart of Central America. They’re super delicious and made with 100% natural and fresh ingredients that go from field to bag in less than 24 hours. (GP: 35%, Guaranteed: Yes)

  • 031492 | Latin Roots Sweet Potatoes, 6/6oz.


Goya Foods
Available Sizes

6oz / SRP $4.79

When it comes to blending the juicy ripe sweetness of raspberries, bilberries, and black currents with the subtle hint of Ricola signature Alpine herbs, this bountiful berry-flavored blend can’t be beaten. Boldy balanced to bring delicious delight to your daily routine, these tasty soothing gems are a beauty to behold and a treat to be treasured. (GP: 33%, Guaranteed: Yes)

  • 795484 | Ricola Berry Medley Bag, 1 each


Lil Drug
Available Sizes

SRP $3.59

A great way to enjoy your favorite Chex Mix in a convenient, delicious bar. Bring the fun anywhere you go. (GP: 45%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 089136 | Chex Mix Peanut Butter/ Chocolate, 12/2.2oz
  • 089144 | Chex Mix Cookies n Cream, 12/2.2oz.


General Mills
Available Sizes

2.2oz / SRP $2.19

This soft and chewy candy tempts your taste buds with a twist on the classic strawberry flavor. These deliciously juicy fruit-shaped chewy candies are sweet and fruity, with just a little bit of sour. (GP: 42%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 085134 | SPK Strawberry Bag, 1/8oz


Available Sizes

8oz / SRP $3.19

It’s the chewy and crunchy Nerds Rop you all know and love. A soft candy rope wrapped with tropical NERDS. It’s sweet and it’s chewy and crunchy, to boot.

  • 078923 | Nerds Rope Very Berry Standard, 24/.92oz
  • 078949 | Nerds Rope Tropical, 24/.92oz


Ferrara Candy
Available Sizes

.92oz / SRP $1.69

Fuel your everyday adventures with the divine combination of gently toasted hazelnuts and chocolate flavor. This bar’s soft & chewy nougat center is enrobed in two layers of rich chocolatey goodness and then topped with real hazelnut bits. Bits of all, it has 15 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar, 3 grams net carbs, and is at least an excellent source of eight different vitamins. (GP: 45%, Guaranteed: Yes)

  • 209965 | Fulfil Chocolate Hazelnut, 12/1.41oz.




Available Sizes

1.41oz / SRP $3.09

Plantain chips are a Latin American favorite because they’re so delicious! Savor the incredible crispy texture and tasty flavor. Enjoy every single bite! (GP: 35%, Guaranteed: Yes)

  • Goya Plantain Chips Hot & Spicy, 12/6oz.
  • Goya Plantain Chips Original, 12/6oz.


Goya Foods
Available Sizes

6oz / SRP $3.99

Let’s brunch! With ONE CRUNCH Cinnamon Toast flavored protein bars. Like you, they’re not soft. Thy’ve got crunch delivering crispy, delicious french toast flavor, 12 grams of protein, and 1 gram of sugar. Even if it’s not the weekend, indulge in a little brunch this morning, or whenever you could use a quick snack to fuel up. Get ready, it’s time to crunch! (GP: 42%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 219790 | ONE Crunch Cinnamon French Toast, 12/1.41oz.


ONE Brands
Available Sizes

1.41oz - SRP $2.89

Your favorite coffee shop just got some competition. Be your ow barista and enjoy M&M’s Caramel Cold Brew Milk Chocolate candy. Move over coffee Beans! Experience bite-size candy made from coffee-flavored caramel surrounded by rich milk chocolate in colorful crunchy candy shells. (GP: 43%, Guaranteed: No)

081125 | M&Ms Caramel Cold Brew Share Size, 24/2.83oz.

Available Sizes

2.83oz, ARP $2.89,

You can do anything! Especially with a meat snack handy. The Jalapeno Chicken Tender Bites are made with white meat chicken and real ingredients like jalapeno and black pepper. Jack Link’s seasoning blend uses simple but punchy ingredients that form an unforgettable medium-spicy, tangy jalapeno flavor and are grilled over real hardwood smoke. (GP: 41%, Guaranteed: Yes)

  • 445486 | JL Jalapeno Chicken Bites, 1/3.25oz.


Link's Snacks
Available Sizes

3.25ozm SRP $9.59

AriZona and Marvel have joined forces to help you unleash the power within. With its advanced performance formulation, Super LXR Hero Hydration will help you save the day. (GP: 42%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 392167 | Marvel LXR Peach Mango, 12/16oz.
  • 392175 | Marvel LXR Lemon/Lime, 12/16oz.
  • 392183 | Marvel LXR Acai/Blueberry, 12/16oz.
  • 392191 | Marvel LXR Dragon/Watermelon, 12/16oz.


Arizona Beverage
Available Sizes

16oz, SRP $2.39

Trident Mega Bubblegum comes in big pieces for big flavor. This sugarless chewing gum is approximately 20% bigger than the leading competitor’s pieces so you get mega-flavor from your favorite bubble gum. Trident Mega, is a bigger piece with big flavor for a long-lasting mega chewing experience. (GP: 43%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 097535 | Trident Mega Bubble Gum, 9/9ct.


Available Sizes

9ct, SRP $1.79

Mentos Gum w/ Vitamins contains berry-flavored gum that will keep your taste buds tingling chew after chew. Each 45-piece sugar-free bottle contains Vitamins B6, B12, and C. Perfect for the car or desk. (GP: 42%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 074062 | Mentos Berry Gum w/ Vitamins, 6/45pcs


Perfetti Van Melle
Available Sizes

45pc, SRP $4.99

Take your tastebuds for a wild ride with the new AriZona SourFruit Snacks! Savor the flavor with the taste of Mixed Lemonade and enjoy the mouth-puckering fruity flavor with Classic, Watermelon, Mango, and Mixed Berry, Fat-free, gluten-free, and 100% guilt-free! (GP: 37%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 118299 | AriZona Sour Fruit Snacks Mixed Lemonade, 1/5oz.


Available Sizes

5oz, SRP $2.19

Simple ingredients make RXBAR A.M protein bars a satisfying way to start your day. Each bar contains soft-rolled oats, protein-rich egg whites, wildflower honey, and no B.S. With 10 grams of protein in each bar and 4 grams of fiber so you can take on the day. Improve your morning routine with RXBAR A.M. protein bar. (GP: 35%, Guaranteed: Yes)

  • RX Bar A.M. Chocolate, 12/1.94oz
  • RX Bar A.M. honey/Cinnamon/Peanut Butter, 12/1.94oz


Available Sizes

1.94oz, SRP $2.89

You’ll want to eat handfuls of these flavorful snacks, seasoned with a zing of Hidden Valley Ranch taste. (GP: 38%, Guaranteed: No)

  • Snak Club Hidden Valley Ranch Toasted Corn, 6/3.1oz
  • Snak Club Hidden Valley RAnch Crunch Mix, 6/2.5oz.



Century Snacks
Available Sizes

3.1oz, $3.49

Kick your on-the-go snacks up a notch and heat up your taste buds to get you through the home stretch. Enjoy the perfect blend of flavor and heat with these jumbo-sized DAVID Frank’s RedHot Sunflower Seeds. (GP: 33%, Guaranteed: Yes)

  • 106666 | David Franks RedHots Sunflower Seeds, 1/5.25oz.


Available Sizes

5.25oz, SRP $2.39