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For over 40 years we’ve been redefining what a c-store distributor can be. Whether it’s developing technology that’s now used by leading distributors nationwide or elevating partnership to levels we consider friendship, at MR Williams we disrupt the status quo to create opportunity for our partners.

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With Scratch Made™ branded products you have all the product families your customers are hungry for, along with the support your stores need to grow sales. With Scratch Made™ products, you too have a commissary that can compete with best-in-class retailers.


Leading technology

From scan based replenishment to your own branded marketing app, we’ve got the right technology to improve your operations.

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Full service programs

We’ve got the programs to help grow your business, including a fully managed novelty solution that increases impulse purchase sales.

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Reese’s Carmel Big Cup

The Reese’s Caramel Big Cup is a treat that takes the classic peanut butter cup experience to a new level. …

Combos Ranch Dip Pretzel

Combos Ranch Dip Pretzels offer a savory snack experience that combines the crunch of pretzels with the zesty flavor of …

Kit Kat Chocolate Frosted Donut

Indulge in the irresistible Kit Kat chocolate frosted donut, where the classic pairing of Kit Kat meets the charm of …

Mentos Pure Fresh Strawberry

Mentos Pure Fresh Strawberry offers a delightful twist to the classic minty freshness, presenting a burst of juicy strawberry flavor …

SweetTarts Mega Rope Twisted Rainbow

SweetTarts Mega Rope Twisted Rainbow is a colorful delight that combines a variety of fruity flavors. This candy features an …

Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Fruit Punch

Icebreakers Ice Cubes Fruit Punch delivers a burst of tropical refreshment in a convenient size. These sugar-free chewing gum cubes …

Nerds Very Berry Gummy Clusters

Nerds Very Berry Gummy Clusters are a delectable fusion of fruity flavors and chewy texture. These bite-sized treats combine the …

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Spicy Red Pepper

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Spicy Red Pepper is a bold and savory snack for those who crave a spicy kick. …

Uncle Ray’s Potato Chips

Uncle Ray’s Hot Chili and Lime flavor packs a punch of spicy heat combined with a zesty lime tang, creating …

Jack Link’s Sasquatch Original Beef & Cheese

Jack Link’s Beef and Cheese snack is a savory and satisfying snack that combines the bold flavors of beef jerky …

Fruit By The Foot Mini Berry Tie-Dye

Fruit by the Foot Berry Tie-Dye flavor is a fun and vibrant twist on the classic snack, This tasty snack …

Programs We’re Excited About

Johnny Almond

Programs We’re Excited About

CirC Energy Bites

What our friends are sayin’

In this business we have a lot of vendors; we have very few partners. MR Williams has always been a partner in my business, and that’s one of the reasons I’m still here.


– Andy Gates, Partner

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Whether a single store or a chain with its own branded products, MR Williams has the right people, programs, and technology to be your partner in success.