Plant Based Proteins

Leading the charge

MR Williams is among the first to bring plant-based proteins to the c-store channel. For retailers that have identified foodservice as a key part of their growth strategy, this is a sub-segment you should be taking a closer look at bringing into stores. A growing number of consumers are specifically seeking out plant-based protein options, and MR Williams can help your stores become a destination for those customers.


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Breaded Chicken Tenders, Daring Foods

Plant-based Chicken from Daring Foods

MR Williams is proud to partner with Daring Foods to bring plant-based chicken to retailers. Daring prides itself in providing a product that looks, cooks and tastes like chicken, but is plant-based. Daring’s product line easily drops into existing menus and processes as an alternative option for consumers.

More than chicken

While chicken is a staple of many prepared-on-site foodservice initiatives, we are committed to supporting the creativity and localization of store menus through additional plant-based protein options. For example, we are pleased to offer plant-based breaded crab cakes from Good Catch, for retailers with seafood on the menu.

Beyond foodservice

In addition to prepared-on-site foodservice options, MR Williams is bringing plant-based protein options to center of store categories. Be sure to ask us more during your taste test!