Marketing apps

Connect with customers

The easiest and most economically responsible way to take your brand mobile.


Your customers have smartphones and interact with these devices frequently throughout the day. A phone has become an intimate part of your customer’s life, and with a branded app, you are effectively placing your brand on that device which your customer always has with them.

Let Connect power your brand’s mobile future, and watch as brand agnostic customers become loyal to your brand.


Connect makes marketing to your customer’s easier and more effective than ever previously possible.

Push coupons
Foundational to Connect is the ability to push coupons and promotions directly to customers. Coupons can be targeted based on customer interest, and exposure can be controlled based on time and number of uses.

Important to an engaging interactive experience is┬ápresentation. Connect smartly surfaces content based on time of day, location, and other criteria which helps ensure each experience is tailored to the customer’s needs at the very moment of use.

Analytics & partners
Powerful tools are provided to better understand your customer’s use of the branded app. What’s more, we’ve integrated with several partners to enable additional experiences and opportunities like POS integrated loyalty.


We create the app, and you manage the content.