Category Management

Delivering Exceptional Category Management to Stores Like Yours

At MR Williams, we believe category management is overdue for a reset. So, we’ve set on a journey to bringing truly exceptional category management to retailers we serve.

It begins with our values

When formalizing the values of MR Williams, the leadership team considered the top performers of MR Williams and what characteristics each person possessed. Such a task took time and careful examination that resulted in the team identifying Selfless Service, Fierce Loyalty, and Never Satisfied as accurately capturing the culture of MR Williams. These are the values MR Williams seeks out when hiring. These are the values of the people serving your stores and executing on the strategies that drive exceptional category management.

Our people are empowered to help drive your success

Our entire organization is setup and empowered to act as an extension of yours. By combining our resources and expertise with yours, even single store operations can compete with national chains. With MR Williams as your partner, you’ve got bench strength!

There's a better way!

The old formula is broken

The typical plan-o-gram process is due for a ... reset. We're taking category management from a once in a year reset process to a continuous one.

Data Driven Decisions

While industry knowledge and intuition have their place, maximizing profitability and driving success requires data. We have developed processes and tools for decision makers at all levels, whether they be in the office or field, to identify opportunities that might otherwise be missed.


Store Specific Plan-o-grams

Not every chain has the same priorities, and every store within a specific chain has its unique characteristics. At MR Williams, we understand this, and that’s why we collaborate with our retail partners to understand their priorities, and ride stores to note characteristics that should be considered when proposing plan-o-grams.

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