Fall 2020 Technology Update


Spark is all about empowering store decision makers with richer information and helps make quicker work of routine tasks.

Scan data integration

We are currently beta testing integrating your scan data into Spark. Later this Fall, select Spark customers will be invited to start seeing sales information along side existing purchase history in Spark. When ordering, store decision makers will now see weekly sales and other key information that will help them make more informed ordering decisions.

Overhauled user experience

We’ve been busy overhauling the screens and navigation to be more intuitive, cleaner, and capable. We look forward to rolling out an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) release to customers before the end of the year.

Improved support

We’ve created a new way for Spark users to get expedited Support for their store. Customers can create service requests or add items to a sent order without the need for a phone call. What’s more, we’ve upgraded the system we use to remotely manage Spark devices and can now take remote control of a device to provide a more “hands-on” support experience.


Ignite is the iPad tool that our sales team uses when working in your stores; it has all the reporting and capabilities they need to help grow your business with each visit.

Upgraded Merchandising Tools

The Marketing and Purchasing Department is now feeding data from our JDA plan-o-gram initiative right into Ignite so that the entire sales team has the data at their fingertips when in your stores. What’s more, they have improved New Item reporting to help them identify new items to cut into your existing plan-o-gram.

We want to make your scan data more actionable!

If you haven’t heard, MR Williams has a new technology called Refuel, which creates a bridge between the sales going through your register and MR Williams. With that connection made, we can do all sorts of really cool things to help drive performance at the store-level. In fact, we’ve already integrated Refuel scan data into both Ignite and Spark, two technologies that are used in your stores almost daily. Enroll in Refuel now to be among the first to benefit from the innovations that data will power.

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Reporting Portal

MR Williams has a new SalesForce powered reporting portal. Ask your Regional Sales Manager for early access.