Refuel Registration

Your point-of-sale data integrated into Spark. No extra hardware required!


Believing that better data can drive more insightful inventory decisions and ultimately lead to greater profits for our retailers, we’ve long sought after ways to make your data more accessible and actionable. Today, we are pleased to begin enrolling retailers in Refuel,  which seeks to make sales data more actionable at the store level. Refuel brings your sales data into Spark to enable better suggested orders. This is only the beginning for what’s possible with Refuel, but we think you’re going to love what it can do for your stores.

How it works

We’ve developed a new sidecar technology that works independent of your existing pricebook software, and is compatible with most mainstream POS systems. Refuel is available – at no extra cost – to all retailers on Spark.

Get started

Please complete the below form, and one of our team will reach out with next steps.


  1. How time consuming is initial implementation of Refuel?
    • Implementation of Refuel takes less than 30 minutes. You will need admin access to the store’s back office and will be supported by our development team via phone.
  2. How much does Refuel cost?
    • Currently, we are including it with Spark. In the future, as the value proposition increases or our costs increase, we may present retailers with premium options.
  3. What pricebook software is Refuel compatible with?
    • Refuel is pricebook agnostic. It runs separate from the pricebook software and simply grabs a copy of the same file that the pricebook software uses.
  4. What register systems is Refuel compatible with?
    • Refuel is compatible with Passport/Radiant, Verifone, and Nucleus systems.


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