Chicken & Waffle Sandwich
June 28, 2024

Discover the ultimate culinary innovation with Prairie City Bakery’s Waffle Sandwich Carriers, redefining the classic chicken and waffle experience into a masterpiece of flavor and convenience. These dense and sweet Waffles in Buttery Maple flavor provide the perfect canvas for your creative sandwich ideas, ensuring each bite gets a “WOW!” from your customers.
Crafted without any artificial ingredients, these Waffles feature a flat side for effortless layering, making them ideal for stacking savory fried chicken alongside your choice of toppings. Imagine the delightful contrast of crispy chicken paired with the rich sweetness of Buttery Maple Waffle, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that satisfies every customer.
Whether you’re having breakfast, brunch, lunch, or late-night snack, Prairie City Bakery’s Waffle Sandwich Carriers promise unmatched versatility and taste. There’s no need for forks, syrup, or messy cleanup, just pure enjoyment with every bite. With a shelf life of 18 months frozen or 5 days fresh, these Waffles ensure freshness and convenience, ready to elevate your culinary food service offerings without compromise.
Bring your sandwich creations to life with the perfect balance of savory and sweet and treat your customers to an unforgettable chicken and waffle sandwich experience

Item # 018648 – Waffle Carrier
Item # 012146 – Crispy Chicken Tender
Item # 859306 – Table Syrup Cup