CIRC Energy Bites
November 28, 2023

Perfectly portable.

Since Powerbar™ came out in the 1980’s, energy bars have become a staple on-the-go fuel for lots of people. By our count there are over 130 bar brands available to choose from today. From the 11 bar brands with mushrooms to the 6 brands that claim to make you smarter, there’s more than one for every imaginable appetite. But despite an endless number of brands and formulations, most bars are still just a slab in a pouch.

Our eating habits have changed dramatically since the 80’s: today we snack more than ever and eat almost a third of our calories outside of mealtimes. We talked with hundreds of bar eaters and about half told us they often don’t finish a bar at one time. Often what’s left over gets lost, smashed, dried out or thrown away. People told us that they want better options. So we thought it was time for our definition of a “bar” to catch up with how people eat today.

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