Cutting Edge Experience

Meet Spark: The features you’ve come to love and rely on are now better. Plus, new features previously only available to sales reps are now unlocked to improve efficiency in stores. For years MR Williams has led the industry with the richest software experience. That’s why leading distributors across the country license this same software from MR Williams. And now that robust set of features has been upgraded to a more modern software platform running on cutting-edge software. We call this new software Spark, and it’s the future of robust ordering and inventory management software for c-stores.


Suggested orders

Whether removing some of the guesswork for a seasoned employee or providing a good guideline for a newer employee in a pinch, Spark provides several ways to build orders using history to generate suggestions.


Delivery verification

This system offers a significant reduction in time over previous methods of receiving grocery orders, which means more time for employees to perform other important tasks.


Create credits

No more sitting on creditable items. Now stores may opt to issue credits themselves and clear the items during their next delivery, which frees up reps to spend more time as consultants when they visit.


Print shelf-tags

Now as the need arises, shelf-tags can be printed right in store using specially formulated label stock for 8.5” x 11” laser printers. Visit for printer recommendations.


Robust software meets cutting-edge hardware

The hardware and software experience of Spark will be immediately familiar for most store employees. That’s because Spark runs on Android, which is the most widely used mobile operating system, and the hardware is just like a smartphone, but rugged with built-in scanner and other industrial use grade traits. The large and bright multi-touch screen makes performing tasks more intuitive and faster than the outgoing stylus based system. Simply porting features from the outgoing software to Android represents a significant boost in productivity, but this is only the beginning for Spark, and what comes next is what’s really worth getting excited about.