Item level replenishment

Meet Replenish: Even many of the best-run convenience stores have issues with overstock, or empty shelves. They must rely heavily on a store manager with intimate knowledge of that store, but with thousands of SKUs, there is a lot of guesswork or glossing over the small stuff. The problem is, the manager is focused on the category level because they don’t have the tools or time to focus at the item level. Replenish makes item level management accessible to retailers of all sizes.


Suggested orders based on sales

Replenish uses a proprietary and evolving algorithm which at its core pulls in a running 3 weeks of sales data. This algorithm creates suggested orders which protect against over-stocking while minimizing empty shelves, and eliminate a lot of the guesswork from managing a store.


Item level inventorying

Even with thousands of SKUs in a store, Replenish still makes it easy to see and manage every item in the store. Scheduled inventories ensure on-hand quantities remain accurate and a tight level of control over the store maintained.


DSD vendor check-in

Improve efficiency and streamline training by checking-in all vendors using Replenish in place of vendor supplied solutions.



Replenish integrates directly with your price-book software. Currently we are only deploying Replenish to customers of CMI’s PB3.