Retail experts welcome

Ignite for iPad is about equipping your team with information and tools that will grow your business.  What’s more, Ignite serves as a platform to transform users into store consultants by providing them with data where they need it most – on the floor of your store. No more back room reports, no more paper forms, no more waiting. Execute better with Ignite.


Speed to market – promotions

Within hours of a program being approved by an MR Williams Category Manager, it’s available for order within Ignite. Speed to market matters.  We equip you with all the information and a few clicks later, it’s on your shelf.

Reporting on the fly

It’s not just about reporting but how reporting gets done. For starters, it happens wherever you are – not just behind your desk. Whether you’re standing in front of a candy planogram, analyzing your cigarette inventory or meeting with a vendor at a conference, Ignite reporting equips you with actionable information so you can make the most informed decisions.

Menu planning simplified

Food service promotions are tricky. Ignite reduces the complexity. Simply select from your pricebook all the items that your promotion includes and Ignite does the rest. Your suggested retail, your margin and your food cost are calculated. Make a change and the data updates dynamically.

Core SKU analysis

Think of it as a report card for your stores. Ignite’s Core SKU analysis identifies any item your stores are missing by category and two clicks later, they’re heading your way. Let our Category Managers equip you with data to ensure you’re maximizing every opportunity.

Update shelf-tags – immediately

Ignite works with AirPrint networked printers over WiFi, printing to standard 8.5” x 11” shelf-tag stock you can order from MR Williams. Or pair to a supported mobile thermal printer and print on the go.

Plan-o-gram integrity

Equip your team with the ability to not simply get plan-o-grams (there’s email for that…), but have a database that’s updated with every plan-o-gram in your store. Looking for the new 8 foot candy set? Open up the Candy Plan-o-gram tab within Ignite and select the set you’re interested in.  Review images, item descriptions and even have the ability to order entire plan-o-grams for your new stores.